18 kwietnia, 2019 r.

International Staff Week Erasmus+

International Staff Week na UŁ

The University of Lodz is holding an International Staff Week Erasmus+ - FREE YOUR MIND – design your strategy - between 3rd and 7th June 2019 in Lodz. Programme attached.

The international staff week at the University of Lodz will look at the holistic creation of international strategy for students, teachers and administrative staff while learning about their experience in different mobility programmes. Two different viewpoints – one from international relation office staff and one from University of Lodz promotion department – will hopefully give you a holistic view on how to in a few easy steps improve its quality. The staff week will be based on the workshops led by the UL’s staff, but there will be time and space for sharing and discussing the subjects with all participants! You will be asked to prepare yourself by gathering information of your university relevant to the topic.

The language of communication is English.


University of Lodz Staff Training Week 3-7.06.2019_Poland

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